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剧情介绍:  For thousands of years, humans have believed that there were once flying monsters. But did they really exist beyond our nightmares? 220 million years ago dinosaurs were beginning their domination of Earth. But another group of reptiles was about to make an extraordinary leap: pterosaurs were taking control of the skies. The story of how and why these mysterious creatures took to the air is more fantastical than any fiction. In Flying Monsters, David Attenborough the worlds leading naturalist, sets out to uncover the truth about the enigmatic pterosaurs, whose wingspans of up to 40 feet were equal to that of a modern day jet plane. Attenborough works with scientists to understand the incredible story of the evolution of the pterosaurs, a story that unfolds in such stunning locations as New Mexico, the Jurassic Coast of Lyme Regis in Britain, an ancient pterosaur landing site in Southern France and a fossil pit in Germany where near perfect pterosaur specimens have been found. The central question and one of the greatest mysteries in palaeontology is: how and why did pterosaurs fly? How did lizards the size of giraffes defy gravity and soar through prehistoric skies? Driven by the information he finds as he attempts to answer these questions, Attenborough starts to unravel one of sciences more enduring mysteries, discovering that the marvel of pterosaur flight has evolutionary echoes that resonate even today. Flying Monsters is a groundbreaking film that uses cutting-edge 3D technology and CGI to bring the story of giant flying monsters and their prehistoric world to life. Audiences of all ages will be in awe as they enter the world and experience, as never before, REAL Flying Monsters in HD.
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解答时间: 2024-04-24

剧情介绍:  西西里人萨尔瓦托·朱里安诺的传奇经历。  朱里安诺是近代历史上一个近乎罗宾汉式的人物,他统治着西西里的大片土地,四十年代起,他一方面企图促使自己的故乡摆脱意大利政府的独立,另一方面又要与当地的黑手党、教会等多方势力明争暗斗……  由于《教父》在小说和电影方面的前所未有的巨大成功,马里奥•普佐于1984年推出了又一本黑社会题材小说《西西里人》,电影改编权卖出了100万美元的高价。获得改编权的格拉登娱乐公司(Gladden Entertainment)的老板大卫•贝格曼(David Begelman)选择迈克尔•西米诺来执导影片。西米诺向制片人布鲁斯•麦克纳尔(Bruce McNall)抱怨老板贝格曼在剧本和演员挑选上干涉过多。比如西米诺希望克里斯托弗•兰伯特演男主角朱里亚诺,贝格曼则考虑让某个法国演员出演。麦克纳尔将西米诺的意见传达给贝格曼后,西米诺如愿所偿地得到了他心目中的男一号克里斯托弗•兰伯特。可惜在事后看来,这或许并非最好的选择。年纪尚轻的兰伯特尚无法与一代枭雄的魅力和气场相衬,他在片中的演技遭到了诟病。  影片在西西里拍摄时,遇上了进度落后和预算超支的问题,另外当地的黑手党人把控着一些拍摄地和工会工人,对影片拍摄也是一项阻碍。西米诺让贝格曼和麦克纳尔出面和当地黑手党进行商谈,商谈之后他们才得知,黑手党之所以阻扰电影拍摄,原来是希望自己能在影片中出镜,于是马上安排着这些人担当群众演员,问题迎刃而解。  拍摄结束后,西米诺一头扎进剪辑室里工作了六个月,剪出了一版长约150分钟的成片。但根据合同,他对影片只拥有120分钟的最终剪辑权。影片在美国国内的发行商二十世纪福斯公司拒绝了西米诺的150分钟版本,要求他将片子剪短。西米诺一气之下,把影片剪到了120分钟之内,其实是把所有动作戏份统统剪了。这下轮到贝格曼和麦克纳尔不满了,西米诺则辩称自己拥有120分钟的最终剪辑权而拒绝让步,双方只好对簿公堂。最终法庭判决合同中所谓的120分钟最终剪辑权无法成立,西米诺欺骗了制片人。贝尔曼最终将影片剪到115分钟,《西西人》终于得以问世。  即将由Shout Factory发行的《西西里人》蓝光采用的是146分钟的导演剪辑版,不过有不少人认为西米诺犯了不知取舍、大而无当的毛病,导演版令人昏昏欲睡,倒是115分钟的剧院版更紧凑精彩些,这就见仁见智了
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解答时间: 2024-04-15

剧情介绍:  Novelist Larry Donner (Billy Crystal) struggles with writer's block due to his resentment towards his ex-wife Margaret (Kate Mulgrew), who stole his book and garnered mainstream success and critical acclaim with it. Owen Lift (Danny DeVito) is a timid, middle-aged man who still lives with his overbearing, abusive mother (Anne Ramsey). Owen fantasizes of killing his mother but can't summon the courage to bring his desires into fruition. As a student in Larry's community college writing class, Owen is given advice by Larry to view an Alfred Hitchcock film to gain some insight into plot development. He sees Strangers on a Train, in which two strangers conspire to commit a murder for each other, figuring their lack of connection to the victim will, in theory, establish a perfect alibi. Having overheard Larry's public rant that he wish his ex-wife dead, Owen forms a plan to kill Margaret, believing that Larry will respond by killing his mother.  He tracks Margaret down to Hawaii and follows her onto a cruise ship, apparently pushing her overboard while she tries to retrieve an earring that fell out. Owen returns from Hawaii to tell Larry of Margaret's death and that Larry now "owes" him the murder of his mother, lest he inform the police Larry was the killer. After having spent the night drinking alone during the hours of Margaret's disappearance, Larry panics because he lacks a sufficient alibi. That, along with a news report announcing the police suspect foul play, convinces Larry he's the prime suspect. He decides to stay with Owen and his mother in an attempt to hide from the police. Larry meets Mrs. Lift, but despite her harsh treatment of him he refuses to kill her. Eventually, when Mrs. Lift drives Owen to the breaking point, Larry finally relents and agrees to go through with the murder.  After two unsuccessful attempts, Larry flees the Lift home when Mrs. Lift recognizes him as a suspect from a news broadcast about his ex-wife's disappearance. He boards a train to Mexico and, surprisingly, Owen and Mrs. Lift come along so as to avoid having to lie for him. During the journey, Larry's patience with Mrs. Lift reaches its pinnacle when she impolitely gives him advice on writing. He follows her to the caboose with the intent of throwing her from the train, but stops short when she almost falls off on her own. Owen begins having second thoughts about having his mother killed and comes to help Larry rescue her. Mrs. Lift is grateful at her son for saving her, but unappreciative of Larry's help and kicks him, resulting in him losing his balance, landing on the tracks, and breaking his leg.  During his recovery in the hospital, Larry discovers Margaret is still alive; she simply fell overboard by accident and was rescued by a Polynesian fisherman whom she has decided to marry. Much to his annoyance, Larry learns Margaret plans to sell the rights of her ordeal for .5 million dollars. On the advice of a fellow patient, Larry chooses to free himself of his obsession with his ex-wife and instead focus on his own life, thereby freeing him of his writer's block.  A year later, Larry has finished a novel based on his experiences with Owen and Mrs. Lift entitled Throw Momma from the Train. Owen visits and informs him that his mother has died (of natural causes) and that he's going to New York City for the release of his own book. Unfortunately, Owen reveals his book is also about their experiences together. Thinking his book has been scooped, an enraged Larry proceeds to strangle him, but stops when Owen shows him the book is a children's pop-up book called, Momma, Owen, and Owen's Friend Larry with the story drastically altered to be suitable for children. Months later, Larry, Owen, and Larry's girlfriend Beth (Kim Greist) vacation together in Hawaii, reflecting on the final chapter of Larry's book. Larry and Owen's books have now become best-sellers, making them both successful writers as well as close friends.
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